Road to Serenity

Opening Reception:  Thursday, May 3, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.urchinarraywithtarget

This exhibit will feature the artwork of Wakefield artist, Anita Muise.

Muise’s latest work is all about color and pattern and how they can be combined to affect mood and energy. “I have adopted the square format almost exclusively and the designs develop intuitively from the center of the piece,” Anita says. “I alternate between traditional development utilizing cut paper and acrylic paint, and digital manipulation in Photoshop. Digital giclee prints begin with an art motif that has been created by traditional methods in the physical world.

“The act of making art is a form of meditation for me,” continues Anita, “and my intention is that the viewer may be energetically shifted into a higher dimension while viewing my work.”

redandgreentargetAnita was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, and holds a Masters Degree in Library Science from Simmons College. She moved to Wakefield, New Hampshire in 1996 and opened a bead and mineral shop. Largely self-taught, Anita has explored many forms of self-expression including quilting, batik, fabric design and jewelry-making. She began creating collages using the method of Jonathan Talbot in 2004. The work of collage artist Roderick Slater has been an inspiration as well.

Recently Anita has been producing small drawings and acrylic paintings which are then scanned and manipulated in Photoshop to produce printed elements for collage. Acrylic painting and collage are combined in geometric patterns on square canvas to form meditation mandalas.

Anita’s collages are in the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, and in private collections. Digital giclee prints are available at, Society6, and the artist’s gallery at Anita’s Beads, 2517 Wakefield Road (Rte. 153) in Wakefield. Contact Anita at 603-522-6529 or