Weird Wood

Opening Reception:  Thursday, May 4, from 5 to 7 p.m.weird-wood-2

Scott McKinnon is a native of Maine where he collaborates with the forest. It all began in 1988, when he started cutting a path to what is now his home nestled in the forest of North Berwick, Maine. In what was many would think of as firewood, McKinnon saw art; thus began “Weird Wood.”

The artistic process begins with the buzz of a chainsaw as McKinnon manages the trees on his property.  One of his first trees that he felled with his chainsaw became one of his featured pieces in his home studio, a table formed by nature, discovered and brought to its full potential by McKinnon’s insightful eye.

“It’s just art in the woods,” says McKinnon. “I’m just bringing it out from the woods to the public eye. People look at trees differently after they see this. They look at the woods differently.” After seeing one of his displays, explained McKinnon, some people will come back telling him that they have seen a tree that he’ll really like or they’ll bring him a twisted branch they think he’ll enjoy.

weird-wood1But most of the wood in his collection comes from his own property which is forested with a mix of oak, beech, maple, birch and hemlock trees. “I consider it a magical piece of land,” he said. “I get a lot of hidden treasures out of it.”

McKinnon’s art is one that has a unique, freeing, whimsical personality that doesn’t overpower the natural beauty and or interrupt the organic state of the pieces he finds. Each piece has its own individual uniqueness whether its branches intertwine, or nestle in each other comfortably, fitting like a glove like a face, candle or toothbrush holders, tables or a creature. Currently, McKinnon has over 1000 unique one-of-a kind pieces, which consist of free standing, wall mounts and other items that are useful in the everyday household environment.