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Carrie Tazbir was born in New Britain, Connecticut and raised in Farmington, New Hampshire.  She attended St. Elizabeth Seton in Rochester for elementary and middle school and will be graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Dover this coming June.  Next year, she plans to attend UNH to take up business and art.  She has been interested in art for as long as she can remember and loves to do anything from quick cartoons to overly-detailed watercolor paintings and graphite portraits.  She has created a coloring book for the Farmington Historical Society and helped create another, alongside several of her classmates, for the Woodman Institute in Dover.  Just this past month, she won 2nd place in the nationals for the CCHD Multimedia Youth Contest.

“I believe that there are things that cannot be entirely expressed with words,” says Tazbir.  “Someone can tell you about an amazing sunset that they saw but you won’t be able to see exactly what they saw or feel exactly what they felt at that exact moment.  Art gives a person the ability not only to express what they see but also what they feel.”

img_1434Tazbir is primarily inspired by two things: things that she sees and things that interest her.  “There are things I see or pictures that I take that I can’t help but paint or draw because I believe they are worthy of so much more than just a happy memory or simple photo,” explains Tazbir.  The second thing that inspires her, her interests, usually create side projects: paintings or drawings of celebrities or characters from TV shows or just art inspired by books and movies.  “This is the work that I just do for fun,” Tazbir says. “Although these two sources of inspiration are also the sources of two different types of art, both are equally important to me.”

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