Shadows and Light   48360586_2278353089103585_8746550733362429952_n

The exhibit includes art in a variety of mediums focusing on themes of shadow and light.  Shadow and light are invaluable in art; both help the eye distinguish forms, space and distance.  Shadow and light are experienced in many ways, including the physical interactions perceived by the eye through light and in shadows cast and attached, by light which is the result of natural effects or artificial light sources.   Color interacts with light as a byproduct of the amount of reflected light on a particular object.  Interpretations of shadow and light also fall into the realm of the symbolic, religious, metaphysical, emotional and the abstract, experienced in unlimited ways during our daily lives.

48056289_2278352989103595_2372821284733059072_nThe Art Group show Shadows and Light is coordinated by Peter Abate and is comprised of works in various mediums of 34 artists, many of whom have been exhibiting work together for many years. The show has traveled to a variety of New England venues throughout 2018 and into early 2019.  These venues include The Gafney Library in Sanbornville, The Glickman Library, at the USM/ Glickman Library in Portland Maine, The Art Place Gallery in Wolfeboro, The Lynn Museum in Lynn, Massachusetts and the Franklin Gallery in Rochester.  Other venues may be added as the tour progresses.  The show’s posters were designed by Maine graphic artist Bob Bond.  Artists in the group exhibit at the Franklin Gallery are from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Florida.  The participating artists are Peter Abate, Ruth Bleau, Darlene Bean, Bob Bond, Peggy Brewster, Steve Brown, Valerie Schurer Christle, Mabel Doyle, Ken Eason, Teresa M. Farina, Bob Farrell, Peggy Farrell, Ron Fountain, J.P. Goodwin, Ron Harrison, Charles Kartsonis, Joe Keller, Elaine Klement, Gary LaPierre, Gregory LaPierre, Heather MacLeod, Emily Marsh, Ken Jordan, Anita Muise, Mikel O’Brien, Shawn Pelec h, Jeff Roberts, Norman Royle, Gabe Smith, Haley Sullivan, Sharon Theiling, Jill Vendituoli, Lukas K. Weber and Corina Willette.