We offer professional conservatorial quality oil painting restoration and cleaning services. Oil painting restoration can bring a prized family heirloom back to its original beauty, or prepare a painting to be sold. A painting’s surface can be dimmed by environmental factors like water damage and smoke or dirt buildup and our skilled conservator can also expertly tackle more significant damage like rips or tears.


When should a painting be cleaned or restored?

We can help you restore a painting that has emotional or sentimental value, and we can also help bring a painting back to life so it can be sold. Selling your painting is not a requirement for taking advantage of our professional team and competitive rates.

A fine painting by a well-listed artist or a talented amateur can sometimes have its value enhanced by a professional cleaning or restoration. A well-cleaned or restored painting will often perform better in the open market than a damaged or dirty painting.

Sometimes the cost of cleaning a painting may be higher than its fair market value. However, many families are interested in restoring an heirloom to its original beauty for their own enjoyment. The sentimental value of a painting can be more important than any profit. Ultimately, it is up to the customer to decide if its emotional value outweighs the cost of cleaning and restoring.

How much does it cost to clean or restore a painting?

The short answer is: it depends on exactly what kind of work needs to be done. Without seeing the painting in person, it’s difficult to evaluate this. Your estimate will include the projected cost of restoration as well as the projected length of time the restoration will require.

What is the process of having your painting evaluated for restoration?

First, bring your oil painting to our store.  Our conservator, Tom Glover, generally works on Thursdays and Fridays.  An appointment is not necessary, but if you bring your painting in when he is not at the store, we will ask that you leave your painting so that he can examine it.  After he has examined your painting, he will call and discuss with you the potential treatments the painting might require: cleaning, stabilization, repair, etc. and give you an estimate for the cost of these services.